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psd executable for WIN32 (zip archive)
Supports PHP 5.0.5 using dbg 2.11.32

New version 1.3 dated 2004/06/25:
- introduces expression dwelling under mouse cursor
- now supports dbg 2.11.5 and newer
- added printing
- fixes memory leaks
New version 1.1a dated 2003/09/21:
- introduces syntax highlighting for HTML and PHP
- fixes port setting dialog

To use psd you need this free extension for PHP available at

(select version 2.11.5 or newer and your OS for binary distribution or source if you want to build from scratch.
Please refer to installation hints and readme.txt coming with psd for more details)

Feel free to use this software free of charge. If you find this tool useful and like to keep up the effort you might consider a donation of your own choice in favour of

Sven Schnitzke
Bank: Sparkasse Karlsruhe
IBAN: DE57 66050101 0009400318

Many thanks!